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Exterior House Painting

At Painting And Power Washing Experts, We believe in the importance of painting the exterior of your home. That is why our team of highly qualified exterior painters are aware that before coating a concrete surface it needs to be clean and dry, otherwise the contaminants on the surface will prevent the coat of paint to adhere. Our team of exterior painting experts are aware of the concrete surface preparation based on the surface condition. Failure to acknowledge this will result in definite problems such flacking, peeling or spackling. Laitance and Efflorescence are one of the mayor problems found in concrete and masonry surfaces with as well as moisture which is why it is vital to take the appropriate steps of preparation so the concrete will be sufficiently cured for good coating adhesion. At Painting And Power Washing Experts, we believe in doing things right and not skipping any steps, to ensure great end results. We also believe that any cracks or holes in the surface should be sealed.

We follow these steps:

  • Pressure Cleaning is first preformed to all exterior walls, soffit, fascia, doors, gutters, etc.
  • Scrapping by hand of any loose paint
  • Elastomeric paint is then applied to any cracks in the surface
  • Windows, doors or trim will then be caulked as needed.
  • Fascia will then be primed and painted
  • Priming of all exterior walls will then be applied either white or tinted to the desired color
  • Painting will then be applied to all desired exterior surfaces.


Very few people do not understand what all goes into a great paint job so finding the best company to manage your house or commercial painting needs in your town is important. Here at Painting And Power Washing Experts we aim to supply a full line of Painting and Power Washing solutions for any scenario.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the Painting and Power Washing business and for many years we've gained a reputation for customer satisfaction by providing our customers with quick, cost-effective options and also high quality work. Our Painters and Pressure Washing Specialists are made up of real craftsmen and skilled at what they do. This will show in the outcome you get from our completed projects which will certainly be of the finest quality while still being economical.

There are a lot of various elements of Painting and  Pressure Washing, We at Painting And Power Washing Experts believe that it is essential to offer you the best no matter what the job requires. That's why were one of the local area's most relied on Painting and Pressure Washing companies.

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They lived up to their name and successfully patched, sanded, and repaired all that was wrong. Then they painted our walls and ceiling and caulked all around our baseboards to finish off the job.
- Alexa B

House Painted

They did an awesome job painting the exterior of our Home.
- Donna L

Great Painters

“I to get an interior painting estimate for my Living Room that has a very high vaulted ceiling and is therefore very challenging to work with. They came out and did the job perfectly”
- Sam