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Painting and Power Washing Experts is ready to serve the MD area. As a locally owned and operated company, we provide the most professional, skilled and responsive painting and power washing services in MD

Serving the area for over twenty years of  MD Painting and Power Washing Experts, dedicates all of our time, employing our painting & power washing knowledge and skills to the MD area.

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Wallpaper removal can be damaging if you don't know the proper procedures to follow. DIY removal can ruin your walls and require expensive repairs.  Don’t worry: Edge Home Services your Painting and Power Washing Experts in MD can help your local  home or business.


Our MD wallpaper removal experts have years of experience and can make your wallpapered walls bare in no time, saving you hours, if not days, of tedious labor. The surface preparation includes washing thoroughly to remove remaining residue (using DIF solution and a steamer when necessary), scraping, patching, and sanding off any defects such as cracks, holes and nail pops.


So when you're tired of that old, outdated wallpaper and ready for something new, call on the experts. Our  staff is guaranteed to leave no trace. In fact, no wall covering is too tricky or sticky for our dedicated crew.

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When it comes to paint blistering repairs in  MD, Edge Home Services your MD Painting and Power Washing Experts understands the importance of preparing the surface properly before applying the suitable product.

Most paint blistering problems are failures of preparation, which can lead to serious painting issues.

Make sure your MD home or business does not fall victim to this common painting blunder. Blistering indicates that a painter has painted over damp wood, green wood, or a preceding coat of paint that isn’t completely dry—this ultimately leads to built-up moisture beneath the paint, which causes the paint to blister. Of course, air blisters are also a possibility and occur when the painter fails to sand between glossy coats of paint or when the surface is too warm to be painted.

Contact Edge Home Services  Painting and Power Washing , your local MD paint blistering repair company, to avoid such issues. Our talented staff can problem solve by spot-priming after scraping the blisters well and allowing the wood to dry thoroughly. Above all, though, our  employees take as many precautions as possible and know how to avoid causing such catastrophes

paint peeling & flaking repairs  Edgewater MD paintersPaint Peeling & Flaking Repairs  MD

Peeling and flaking: Experiencing peeling and/or flaking in your local MD home or business? we can help

In regards to paint peeling, this common moisture problem often occurs in older houses with no vapor barriers. One of the most important concepts to consider is using the proper paint products. Paint Peeling can be addressed by applying a stain rather than paint: Stain is more permeable and will allow water vapor to escape. Moreover, peeling can occur because paint was applied to a warm surface. Our trained MD paint peeling repair staff recognizes these details and is on the job .  Another common area of paint failure is flaking. When wood is overexposed to our local  weather before being painted or primed properly, you can expect some flaking. Our proficient MD Paint Flaking Repair staff will avoid creating such problems, but can address existing flaking by sanding affected areas, applying a water-repellant wood preservative and a prime as soon as the preservative is dry. These steps will alleviate any potential flaking to your  MD home or business.

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Edge Home Services your MD Painting and Power Washing Experts can offer wood replacement services as well. Be it cracked, our simply outdated, we’ll work with our local MD customers to ensure your aesthetic and practical needs.

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